Rules and Regulations
The following are basic rules and regulations of the servers. You must obide by them all in order to play or you will be banned from them.

  • No offline raiding of any form. There is a block in place to stop this but if you get around it, it will be dealt with.
  • No racist, sexist or hate comments at all.
  • No trolling of any form.
  • No political talk of any kind.

    To play on our servers, the following must be done.

  • You must be an active, constructive member of our stream and discord community for at least one full week.
  • Once you have reached one week, DM Kage on discord with your steam ID and you will be granted access to the "Ark Players" role in discord and from there you can see the new category that shows how to access the servers.
  • I also reserve the right to choose people at random to allow into the server waving the one week wait period, however if you pester me about it, I will not let you join at all.
  • I will also note that I will never make my servers "Sub Servers" as I dislike the concept of them. To me, that's basically blackmailing or bribing a community to pay in order to play and I refuse to do that. I want to earn your follow and or sub, not blackmail you into it.

    We reserve the rights to update these rules anytime we see fit so it's advised you check back often.

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