This is where we will post our download link for the game client once it has become available. As of version 2.0 the game will be available in open beta.

Downloading the EXE file below connects to the games Launcher only. You may check to see the launcher and game status in the server status page found on the left side of the screen. If the launcher is offline, this program will not connect to anything.

Game Client
Game Version
File Size
Download Link
Mystic Journey
2.0 (Open BETA)
3.9MB (Compressed)
10.3MB (Uncompressed)


1) You will need to make an account here on the website as the game will ask you for a username and password.

2) Download the zip folder above and save it to your "desktop".

3) Extract the zip folder anywhere you choose, preferably to "My Documents" so it's easy to remember.

4) Navigate to the extracted folder and find "MysticJourney.exe" and double click it, the "Launcher" will then open.

5) Choose a server from the list on the right and select "Launch Game" to be connected to the server you choose.

Login Panel