Update Log
~Version 2.0 - Open BETA~
Handful of miscellaneous bug fixes
Added Weapon Delays
Added new background tasks to monitor for bug abusing
Added new types of admin logs to keep track of errors
Fixed bug where players could pickup world objects and sell them
Made slight tweaks to stats and EXP gains (further tweaks may be needed)
Removed "Return to Login" button via ESC Menu as it caused alot of problems
Adjusted day/night system to try to lessen server lag
Added Bows to shops
Added arrows to shops
Added Skills to Hunter class (Future adjustments needed)
Added Skills to Warrior class (Need to be finished)
Added 30 second timer to gold dropped by enemies before the gold gets deleted
Adjusted Prestige Mode.
Changed chat colors for whispers and local chat
Adjusted house commands for house owners
Adjusted Attack Delays
Adjusted stats for players, monsters and equipment
Adjusted EXP Gains from monster kills
Login Panel