Frequently Asked Questions
Following are the most commonly asked questions. This list will be updated as time goes on.

Q) Why do I need two passwords?

A) The program the game is being created with only allows two different types of password encryptions, for security reasons we wont state which ones but the website can use all forms of encryptions so, We have your game account passwords encrypted one way and your website account password encrypted another way. This also grants a secondary form of security over your accounts.
Q) My house and guild are gone!? What happened?

A) When you become a subscriber you are permitted to become a Guild Leader and a House Owner. When your subscription expires, the game will automatically scan all owned houses periodically and if the game finds a home that is owned by a former subscriber, the gold and items will be sent to your player bank and the house will be wiped. You will also lose your guild if you are the Guild Leader. The purpose of this is to keep the houses and guild names clear for active subscribers.