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Not as of yet, but we will be implimenting that feature in the future.

Up Arrow or "W" = North
Down Arrow or "S" = South
Left Arrow or "A"=Left/West
Right Arrow or "D" = Right/East
Attack = Spacebar
Pickup = Letter (G)
Meditate = Letter (M)
~Spell slots~
Numbers 1 through 9 (top row of the keyboard). (Only works when spells are on the slots and spell slots only load if your class obtains spells.

The game constantly runs a background task that's hidden from players. It's constantly checking for active subscribers so, if you're a subscriber and your sub status expires the background task will detect this change and auto wipe your house and guild as these are subscriber only benefits. If you're an active subscriber, login to this website and click the profile button to see when your subscription expires and make sure to renew beforehand to prevent any loss.

This option lets you reach a new level of prestige power. This will reset your stats back to level one, however all of your starting stats will then be doubled. As you level up, you will be stronger than you were before. You may reach up to Prestige Level 10.

The Banker NPC shows your personal saved funds that are accessed by you and only you. The Guild Bank shows the funds for the guild. These funds can be accessed by all guild members.

Your username cannot be changed, however your email address, password, security question, discord ID and other things can be changed by logging into the site, click the profile button and use the links at the bottom of the screen.

Here on the website, go to the staff page. Every staff member is listed with their title and staff level.

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