Subscription Benefits
Thank you for your interest in the subscription benefits. Below you will find information as to what ingame perks you obtain.

1) EXP gained from kills and quests will double. Can also stack from other EXP boosts.
2) Ability to own houses throughout the world.
3) Gold name under your character.
4) * on your name in the who list.
5) Blue subscribe button on the main screen will disappear.
6) Gold you obtain from NPC kills and completing quests will be doubled.
7) Access to a Subscriber only chat channel.
8) Access to a Subscriber only channel on our Discord.
9) Ability to be your own Guild Leader.
10) Max items you can carry will be increased from 25 to 50.
11) Automatically pickup gold from a killed enemy.
12) Obtain 10,000 gold automatically with a new character.
13) Ability to customize hair color.
14) Ability to skip the intro tutorial.
15) Immune from the inactivity auto-boot.
16) Access the server even when the server is full.
17) Your "white" player name under your character will become "gold".

Other perks will be added soon as well.

Once you purchase a subscription, if you are currently logged into the game, close the game completely and log back in for your new subscriber status to take effect.