Mystic Journey - Classic
In order to play this game, you will need to download the BYOND Game Client from our download section.
We have an older client to compensate for the fact this game is extremely old and the newer clients cannot play it correctly.
You do not need to create an account with BYOND to play. Once you have the game client, you can go to our "Status" page and if Mystic Journey is online, simply click the green "Online" text and BYOND will do the rest.

If you currently have BYOND installed and are a current BYOND user, you can download our portable version and connect to the server with the older client, no need to over write your latest version.

Download the portable version, open "Bin" then "BYOND.exe" and then in the pager window, click "File>>>Open Location" and simply enter "byond://" and press enter.