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Posted By Genesis On 2022-05-07
Greetings users and guests,

The community forum is now online. You will need a separate account to use it, but please do so for bug reports as this will be critical in keeping track of what's been done and what still needs to be completed.

Thank you for your patronage.
Welcome to Cyber Gaming
Posted By Genesis On 2022-04-06
This site has strengthened security and a more secure system for your convenience. Feel free to register your account. The account you make here will be used to login to the game as well.

You can also check the games online and offline status in our Server Status page and you can also check players online as well. If you need to get in touch with us or would like to, you may join our Discord or follow us on Twitch, both links can be found by clicking the logos in the website footer section.

I have designed this game to work with this website and the saving and loading is now a unique system instead of BYOND savefiles. Creating an account on my website will be needed in order to play. As such, BYOND keys are not being used in this version and as such you will not need an account on BYOND to play the game.

The website is now complete. Once the game has reached its release status, I will enable account registrations. For the time being, only administrators and BETA Testers can access the game.

Thank you for your patronage.
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