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Welcome to Cyber Gaming
Posted By Genesis On 2021-03-28
This site has strengthened security and a more secure system for your convenience. Feel free to register your account. You will notice the registration page has two password fields, one for your account here on the site and the other for your ingame account. The ingame password and your username will be used to login to the game.

You can also check the games online and offline status in our Server Status page. You can also check players online as well. If you need to get in touch with us or would like to, you may join our Discord or follow us on Twitch, both links can be found by clicking the logos in the website footer section.

This was originally a game created by Gunbuddy13 many years ago back in the very early 2002 to 2004 area using the BYOND engine. A user by the name of Johan411 recreated the source in roughly 2010 to 2011 and released it to the public. This recreation had a massive amount of inconsistencies, bugs and other problems. I have used this source as a mere reference and rewritten the entire game from the ground up completely from scratch to create a smoother, more efficient product.

I have designed this game to work with my website and the saving and loading is now a unique system instead of BYOND savefiles. Creating an account on my website will be needed in order to play. As such, BYOND keys are not being used in this version and as such you will not need an account on BYOND to play the game. All information regarding your in-game account is now linked to your website account for security reasons.

The website is still under construction and undergoing many new changes and upgrades. I will let everyone know when the website is complete.

Thank you for your patronage.