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Server Information
Host Name: [CG] RUST
Online Status: Offline
Players: 0/50
Map: Procedural Map (Default)
Entities: 101040
Map Size: 4000
Average FPS: 144
Hosted On: Microsoft Windows
Hosted In: United States
System Mode: Modded
Wipe Cycle: Forced by Update Only

After logging in, press "Enter" to open the chat field...
1) Type /kit and you can choose to obtain some starting items. This is entirely optional though.
2) Type /skin and drag one of your items to the available box slot that opens and you can choose a new skin for that item. Once you select a new skin, simply drag the item back to your inventory to apply it.

Server Rules
Keep foul language to a minimum.
No harrassing other players or admins.
No asking the admins to force create items for you.
No spam killing people.
We reserve the right to update these rules as we see fit.

Server Rates
Building/Base Decay: Disabled
Helicopter Spawning: Disabled
Entity rate: 2x
Bear Population: 2x
Boar Population: 2x
Chicken Population: 2x
Deer Population: 2x
Horse Population: 2x
Wolf Population: 2x

Safe House Locations
SafeHouse 1: E2
SafeHouse 2: C5
SafeHouse 3: C9
SafeHouse 4: D14
SafeHouse 5: B18
SafeHouse 6: E22


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