Affection & God Chim Chim
Here I'll give a brief explanation of how the affection meter and God Chim Chim works.

Now, the God Chim Chim will only appear in an area when you use the 3rd word "BBQ Plate". This word is obtained after your game data saves as clear data in volume 3 Redemption. Form an area with this word and bring two party members with you. You will find the God Chim Chim in the area and you kick it ten times just as you would with a King Chim Chim. The difference between the King and God Chim Chim is that the King will give you 50 Chim Spheres and the God Chim Chim gives you 180 plus, the God Chim Chim will also increase the affection meter of the two party members you have with you.

The best place I've found for the God Chim Chim to appear is:
Δ Galloping/Multiple/BBQ Plate

There are many different phases of affection from your party members and the affection has multiple purposes. The primary purpose behind the affection meter is to make trades go much easier. The lower their affection is for you, the more stingy they'll be on forking over their rare items. If you max out their affection however, they'll let you screw them over. For example: Shino carries both a "Masters Book" and "Masters Text" and when you first unlock her, she really doesn't want to give them up but if you max out her affection for you, she'll hand them over extremely easily. Finally, the secondary reason behind the affection meter is once you clear volume 3 and obtain the "Promise" card, you cannot send the greeting card to anyone unless you max out their affection for you first. When you max out the affection for a party member you may now use your "Promise" greeting card on that party member for a special ending.

Please note: In the PS2 version of the games, you will only GET ONE OF THE PROMISE CARDS, so make sure YOU SAVE BEFORE USING IT... However, in Last Recode you are given 22 cards, one for every party member you're able to unlock throughout the course of the game.

Affection Meter 1:
Red Heart
This means their affection is at the absolute lowest it can get. As you increase their affection for you, the red heart will eventually have 5 small dots circling around the heart.

Affection Meter 2:
Blue Heart
This is the second phase of affection. As you increase the affection level, this blue heart will gain 5 small dots circling around the heart.

Affection Meter 3:
Orange Heart
Exactly the same as the blue and red hearts although it should be noted that this orange heart was added and only applicable to .Hack//G.U. Last Recode and is not a part of the PS2 version of the games.

Affection Meter 4:
Pink Heart
Same thing has the previous meters however when this pink heart has 5 small circles spinning around it, this means that party members affection is now at max.


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