Lucky Animal Guide
For volume 2 Reminisce the lucky animals are based on the average level of Haseo and your party members so this guide assumes your level is 100 and you're doing the lucky animal hunt alone with no party members with you.

I have used as many of the most basic area words possible however it is still strongly suggested that you complete the area word guide for volume 2 before attempting this anyways just to ensure you have all the area words listed below.

[ ]Gold Bird: Δ Buzzing/Wrath's/Arrows
[ ]Moon Rabbit: Δ Buzzing/Swift/Pure Bred
[ ]Leviathan: Δ Buzzing/Black/Cathedral
[ ]Sleipnir: Δ Buzzing/Wrath's/Two Wings
[ ]Tsutuga: Δ Buzzing/Swift/Phoenix
[ ]Ganesha: Δ Buzzing/Wrath's/Pure Bred
[ ]High Wolf: Δ Buzzing/Swift/Alga Grass
[ ]Fate Worm: Δ Buzzing/Maiden's/Pure Bred
[ ]Totetsu: Δ Chasing/Wrath's/Alga Grass
[ ]Kudan: Δ Chasing/Swift/Pure Bred
[ ]Tengu: Δ Chasing/Wrath's/Bum
[ ]Chimera: Δ Chasing/Wrath's/Two Wings
[ ]Qi Lin: Δ Chasing/Swift/Phoenix
[ ]Tohkoh: Δ Chasing/Wrath's/Pure Bred
[ ]Baku: Δ Chasing/Wrath's/Generation
[ ]Ouryu: Δ Chasing/Maiden's/Pure Bred
[ ]Nue: Δ Chasing/Wrath's/Phoenix
[ ]Two-Tailed Fox: Δ Buzzing/Wrath's/Phoenix
[ ]Malice Cat: Δ Buzzing/Swift/Two Wings
[ ]Dark Goat: Δ Chasing/Swift/Two Wings
[ ]White Malice Cat: Storyline Quest


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