Rust Server Information
Server Rules
These are the server rules... Read them carefully as if you break them, it's all on you.
1) Don't join the server just be a troll or a dick... I'm not gonna tolerate it.
2) Absolutely no offline raiding. This is in place because I despise cowards. If you can't handle fighting someone face to face, that's your problem.
3) The admin base is strictly off limits.
That's it for the time being but we reserve the right to update this list as we see fit whenever we choose with no warning so it's best to check back here every once in a while.

Mod List
Advanced Gather
Crafting Controller
Enhanced Hammer
Free Research
Friendly Nature
Furnace Splitter
Gather Manager
GUI Announcements
Info Panel
InGame Clock GUI
Loading Message
Never Wear
Night Lantern
Quick Smelt
Remover Tool
Sign Artist
Stack Size Controller
Time of Day
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