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[CG] RUST Server
Welcome everyone,

Our first news announcement will be about our all new RUST server!

First, we'd like to let everyone know this is a relaxing version of RUST. We don't really care what you do as long as you follow our rules but our server is meant as a place to come and relax while you build your base, gather your resources and enjoy the world without being slaughtered by other players.

Next, I'd like to add that I have built three safe houses in the world for the purpose of helping beginners get started. You can use these safe houses for protection during the nights while you gather resources for your own base. There is nothing in these safe houses except a fireplace, four chairs and a table. There is a tool cupboard as well, but it's in a locked room and anyone who damages the safe house will be punished.

The safe house locations will be posted at the bottom of the [CG] RUST page in our Games section as well as our server rules and our server rates.

Thank you for your patronage to Cyber Gaming,


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