ARK: Survival Evolved - Dedicated Server
We don't use any mods, I'll clear that up right now and I wont be adding any. Also, the variables listed below are only listing the things that have been changed from default settings. If something is not listed here then you can assume that the setting is still default.

Corpse Locator: Enabled
Offline Raiding Block: Enabled
Crosshairs: Enabled
HUD: Enabled
Map Player Location: Enabled
Third Person View: Enabled
Float Damage: Enabled
Hit Markers: Enabled
Gamma Settings: Enabled
Auto-Engram Unlock: Enabled
Structure Placement Collision: Disabled
Max Tamed Dinos (Per Server): 10,000
Max Tamed Dinos (Per Tribe): 1,000
Max Stack Size (Where Applicable): 500
Egg Hatch Speed: 10x
Taming Speed: 10x
Harvest Amount: 3x
Cuddle Interval: 0.001x
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