~Mod Usage and Installation~

It should go without saying, but... You must have Subnautica on Steam installed for this guide...
Install QMod Manager first, then install Modding Helper second.
QMod Manager
Modding Helper - Folder goes in: QMods\

From here, open your game directory folder... This is by default located here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\Subnautica

Next, open the "QMods" folder. This was created when you installed QMod Manager. Place any mods you want inside this folder.
Remember... When placing mods in QMODs, make sure to place the MOD FOLDER inside QMods.

Example would be:
If you do it like this:
The mods will NOT LOAD.

Non-Game Changing mods
Blueprint TrackerWhen viewing PDA Blueprints, this mod lets you pin them to the upper right corner of your screen for easy access.
Customized StorageComes with a config file that lets you change the inventory space of many inventory containers, including player inventory. (Config file not configured by default, however a current configured file is in our downloads section)
Databox Scanner FixWhen using a scanner room, this mod stops any opened databoxes from showing up in the search.
PDA RadioAutomatically plays radio messages without the player clicking the radio. (Must repair radio in lifepod for this to work.
Upgraded VehiclesGives you access to Speed Booster and Hull Reinforcement module upgrades for the Seamoth and PRAWN Suit.

Game Changing mods
Increased Chunk DropsMod Settings can be changed in the in-game options under "MODS". When breaking Limestone, Sandstone or Shale Outcrops, this mod changes how many items you get from the single destroyed outcrop.
Increased Resource SpawnsMod Settings can be changed in the in-game options under "MODS". Upon loading a new biome, this mod controls how many items are spawned. (Use with Caution, can cause EXTREME lag if set to high)
Resource MonitorAllows you to craft a screen that shows all the resources you have in your base for easy access to all of them from one simple location. (Craftable via the Habitat Builder)
Seamoth Laser CannonCraftable inside the Vehicle Upgrade Console. (Uses MASSIVE amounts of battery power. Strongly advised to use in Creative Mode ONLY.)
Seamoth More Depth ModulesCraftable inside the Modification Station. Grants the Seamoth two new Depth Modules. MK4 (1300M) and MK5 (1700M)
Slot ExtenderActivated natively. Adds more slots to Seamoth and PRAWN Suit.
Subnautica MapAllows you to use an in-game map accessable via your PDA. Fog can be turned on or off via Options>>>Mods. There is also a detailed map in our downloads page.